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Thinking About Repainting Your Home?

Are you thinking about redesigning your home but feeling hesitant? You know there are some changes you want to make, but are unsure of exactly which steps to take. Don't worry, we understand the feeling. Adding value to a home often comes with many overwhelming decisions and the process can be stressful.

When finally deciding to make renovations or restorations of the interior or exterior of a home, you have to think about what exactly you want redone. Close your eyes and imagine your ultimate dream home. What does it look like? Does it have new garage floors? No popcorn ceilings? What color is the interior or exterior? Now that you have that in your mind, it's time to bring it to life.

Now think about expenses... how much should you invest in what is typically your most valuable asset? And don't forget time - this is also an expense - how much is your time worth and are you able and willing to spend the necessary hours making sure you have the right supplies and making trips back and forth to paint supply stores?

After weighing all the options, hiring a professional Tampa house painter is often the solution to help you get the best looking end result at the lowest monetary and time cost. But, who should you call?

Tampa Woman Contemplating Whether To Hire a House Painter or Not
Huge Mansion Colored Blue by a Tampa House Painter

Noel Painting Services Covers All of Tampa!

Noel Painting Services provides various home design services within the Hillsborough County area. From interior painting, exterior painting, popcorn ceiling removals, and garage floors, we help give your home a fresh new look. With years of experience and being primarily focused on customer satisfaction, you'll be relieved to know that we can perform these services for you in a timely and proficient manner.

If you plan on repainting your home (whether it is exterior or interior), our restoration services are top notch. Restoration involves tending to paint that may be faded, chipped, or discolored. This is a common occurrence among many homes that may be older and in need of updating. Sometimes, if one wishes to sell an older home, they need to add value to it, and repainting the interior and exterior is one of the most effective ways to do this. With our restoration services, we can assist you in taking your home's appearance to a new level of awesome.

Looking For More Than Just Paint?

If you're not looking for a paint job, but rather some new cabinets, flooring or ceilings, then we also provide these services. We can professionally remove popcorn ceilings and repaint them in a timely manner. In addition, we can also professionally redo a garage floor or reface cabinets.

If you are in need of professional painters in Tampa, our painters are well certified, trained and experts in their field. From homes with vinyl siding, spacious suburban homes, or two story houses, our painters are qualified to paint all housing types. All you have to do is describe your vision of the home that you desire, and we'll design it exactly how you want.

We'll educate you on the average pricing for home restoration, and ensure that you are making a wise choice by allowing us to help you save time and money with a perfect end result.

Tampa House Painter Removing Popcorn Ceiling
Living Room Recolored by Tampa Interior House Painter

You're Gonna Love Your Home's New Look!

In the end, you'll fall in love with your home all over again and feel relieved that you didn't need to spend more money than necessary. Your home will look fresh and brand new, and for once, you won't feel embarrassed or ashamed of how others might perceive it. You'll own a house that you can be proud of.

Noel Painting is headquartered centrally in Tampa serving all of Hillsborough county.

If you're in need of anything from a painting refresh to a more involved home redesign in Tampa and are interested in taking advantage of our services, please contact Noel Painting at (813) 406-3196.

Close up of painter hands with gloves painting the wall edge with brush. Hand painting above molding, baseboard.

Anitress Thornton

"We had a GREAT experience with Noel Painting. Noel was punctual, fast, and did beautiful work, all for an incredibly affordable price. We would absolutely work with this company again and will be sure to recommend them to our friends!"

David Lafontaine

"We had our house painted by Noel Painting Services. I found that they were very prompt showed up on time, kept us informed of their progress and completed the job in a very professional manner, taking care to not damage my plants, pavers or windows. They were very reasonable and fair to deal with. I highly recommend them-- they are VERY "reliable.""

Karyn Harris

"I would (and WILL) use this service again and again!! My rooms are absolutely beautiful!!"

Manuel Godoy

"I would definitely recommend, but honestly don’t think I even have to. The work and results speak for themselves, with EVERYONE in the neighborhood complimenting how AMAZING the house looks. Plus, they saw Noel and his crew there first thing in the morning, working hard to the end of everyday. We had a lot of work done, and was still able to get everything done in 5 days. Noel addressed and accommodated EVERYTHING we asked for."

Chelle Rose

"Very nice gentleman! Helped us out on very short notice when our other painter cancelled last minute! Things happen for a reason because Noel was amazing!! Very grateful! Will definitely refer to everyone!!"

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